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February 2015 Update

03 Feb 2015

New!  Tutorials:

We are offering a new kind of educational resource:  a tutorial.  A tutorial is like a course, except that its units are relatively independent, and it does not have a start or end date, and is available indefinitely.   Anyone can enroll at any time.  The units are entirely self-paced.   There are no end-of-unit tests or grades. 

We have moved our “Mathematics for Complex Systems” course into this tutorial format.   If you were enrolled in this course, you don’t have to change anything, and you won’t see much difference, except that there is a new listing on the “Online Courses” page for tutorials. 

Mathematics for Complex Systems tutorial:  Upcoming units:

As those of you following it know, this tutorial is a work in progress!    We currently have two units on differential equations posted. 

We are continuing to work on getting new units ready to post online.  We will be posting two new units before the end of February:  Vector and Matrix Algebra (prerequisite: High School Algebra) and Maximum Entropy Methods (prerequisites: Calculus, Basic Probability). 

We will be (slowly) adding additional units to this Tutorial, as soon as they are ready.  For a more complete schedule of upcoming units, see

Upcoming courses:

We plan to offer (or re-offer) the following courses in Summer and Fall, 2015:

Agent-Based Modeling in Netlogo (Uri Wilensky):  Summer, 2015

Introduction to Complexity (Melanie Mitchell)Fall, 2015

Information Theory and Network Biology (Hector Zenil and Narsis Kiani): Fall, 2015

Fractals and Scaling (David Feldman): Fall, 2015.  

Stay tuned for detailed course descriptions and dates. 

News Stories:   

Complexity Explorer is now featuring original news stories related to complex systems on our home page.   New stories will be posted approximately every two weeks.  Our most recent story is about Dr. Jon Wilkins, who founded the Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship, which studies and supports “non-traditional” research paths for non-traditional scholars.     You can read this and other stories on our news page:

Complexity Explorer Job Opening:

The Santa Fe Institute will be hiring a Program Manager for Online Education, who will manage the Complexity Explorer project.  The job description and application instructions are at   Deadline for applications is February 20, 2015.  Please forward this link to anyone you think might be interested!

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