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Website Update: Tutorials

06 Aug 2015

Changes to our web pageTutorials are now separate from each other

If you logged on to work on units from "Mathematics for Complex Systems" today, you may have noticed some big changes.

Each unit is now its own, separate tutorial.  If you have been working through the units, you will have been enrolled in every unit/tutorial you have worked on.  If you have been enrolled in a tutorial you do not wish to be enrolled in, you can unenroll by clicking the Manage my enrollments grey button on the homepage or going to the My account page.

Another change is to the Forum. The old Mathematics for Complex Systems forum has been replaced by a new Tutorial forum, with each of the Tutorials having its own subforum for you to post questions and start discussions. 

Work on the tutorial page is ongoing; we are currently working hard on addressing bugs.  If you notice anything unusual or working incorrectly, please email us at and let us know what the problem is with as much detail as possible. We will also be adding a description page for both tutorials and courses in the near future, with information on what the difference is between a course and a tutorial, and what courses or tutorials you can expect to see developed in the future. 

Questions?  Email us at

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