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October Announcements: Settling in with a good MOOC

06 Oct 2017

Two Courses Now in Session

Want an intensive learning experience? We have two classes in session you can blitz through to earn a certificate! Liz Bradley's Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical and Computational Approaches and Dave Feldman's Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos both opened September 4th.   Dr. Bradley has opened the entire course so all of you light-speed learners can take it at your own pace, where Dr. Feldman has released up to Unit 4. Challenge yourself to start and finish one of these great classes! 

Complexity Challenge

The inaugural pilot run of the Complexity Challenge is coming to an end soon.  We received submissions from 13 of the 50 enrolled participants of their solutions to our Challenge.  Participants then reviewed each others' solutions.  We are now in the mentor and instructor review phase of the Challenge, with our team of three mentors and one instructor adding their own reviews to the solution.  Once this is completed, we will share more information about the Challenge question and the top solutions with our community of complexity scholars. 

SFI-ASU Master's in Complexity Update: new video studio

We've been busy in September making a designated video studio to create new courses in! In preparation for the abundant video material we will be producing for the Master's, we've upgraded from a corner of an office to a fully functioning professional studio.  You can look forward to increasingly nicer looking video and some behind-the-scenes pictures of the studio as it's getting set up. 

Interested in being a Master of Complex Systems Science? We’ve been fielding questions all month and have been compiling them over on our frequently asked questions about the Master's page.  If your burning question isn’t addressed on the FAQ, email us at and we’ll answer it as best we can. 

Vote on your favorite T-shirt

We solicited, you delivered - some beautiful designs have been submitted to our t-shirt contest, and you can now vote on your favorite here! Voting will be open for the next two weeks, after which we'll select several of the highest voted designs to start selling in our new shop. 

Speaking of buying swag, we are getting rid of our old stock of all of our t-shirts and totes - so we've dropped them in price by 20%! Now is a good time to pick one up if you haven't yet and you're a U.S. resident.  

This Month in Subtitles

Subtitling continues to be steady as we finish out the summer of 2017, and with it our most recent run of Agent-Based Modeling. So far this summer an outstanding 264 minutes of subtitles have been contributed to the class, making dramatic inroads to our ultimate goal of 100% of our videos being subtitled in 100% of the world’s languages. We dream big! 

Our most active subtitler this month was Mujun Chen, providing a stellar 64 minutes’ worth of subtitles in simplified Chinese. Following their substantial lead is a pack of Spanish-language translators, all within several minutes of each other: Former T-Shirt Champions Diego Dias and Matias Agelvis, as well as Gabriel Ramos-Fernandez and user EderDo. We also had 18 minutes of Agent-Based Modeling translated into French by user Sukran. We love our subtitle team, we love making complex systems science available to as many people as possible and we’re excited to see each month’s new list of translat ions! 

Green Chile Science Podcast new episode coming soon

It’s anthropologist v. anthropologist on a very special Green Chile Science #3! Watch for this episode in the next coming weeks, when Dr. Paul Hooper goes toe-to-toe with Dr. Vanessa Ferdinand, a cultural anthropologist. Listen as two usually intelligent people  lose their grip on their disciplines as they consume spicier and spicier green chile. Check out our previous episodes here.

2017 Fundraising Goals

We have now raised $12,800 of our $30,000 goal for donations in 2017.  Thanks all!

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